mercredi 24 février 2016


Hey everybody we finally here with some kind of content update! The podcast that was recorded on tuesday is finally up for download! Sorry this is coming out so late we've been crazy busy and haven't had any time to edit it! Check GTA 7 fans for the latest updates about Grand Theft Auto by RockStar Games

Now I know the quality isn't the best and that's why this is episode 0 this one we kind of like to think of as our beta version of podcasts yet to come. You can tell just by listening that we need some better quality mics (which we will be getting for next weeks episode) and we need to turn off the Erika robot (you'll see what i mean by that pretty quickly into the show). We will also be getting an RSS feed for the podcast up soon as well as entering it in to iTunes possibly later this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to listen to it recorded live especially Jenn who managed to sit in on the whole show and become almost a co host we were both impressed and it was nice to have someone else to talk to that we could bounce ideas off and around.
Last nights highscore challenge wasn't too bad although we defianlty need to get a wired connection for camera 1 since the wireless is a total piece of crap and kept dropping out. Rest assured though that by tonights DKC marathon we will have a nice wired connection with no drop outs at all. If we do continue to experience them however we'll bring back in "The Beast" and stream off that computer instead.

Well I don't know about the rest of you but I'm getting excited for the marathon tonight we've got alot of work to do before then so sit tight wait for the count down to hit zero and we'll see you here then!

we are here

Hey guys check it out we're not dead yet! We're finally back with a new podcast for you all. Also You can check out the pictures of the artwork Rare sent us for the contest winners below (well 2 of them anyway the last Rare sent to us for organising it) I'm not sure if it's what you guys expected but hey it's what we were sent! I know it's not new artwork and it's only signed by 1 person but damn does it ever look pretty printed and glossy.

You can listen to our latest podcast to find out our thoughts on the art and what's happening with the prizes for the winners. We just have to get some shirts made for a couple of the other winners then they're on their way!